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Elevé Training Studios is a new fitness studio that offers original, exciting group exercise classes. Elevé has signature programming that you won’t find anywhere else. We have innovative classes with a boutique feel. Join today.


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The most important thing about the Elevé concept is the flexibility and variety it offers. It is a good value and offers the very highest level of quality. Membership plans are extremely flexible, user friendly and goal-oriented

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■     It gives me the opportunity to have a unique and challenging workout in a low key environment. I am not working out with body builders, or anyone that is so far advanced from my own fitness level that makes me feel out of shape

■     …in regards to the Tramp class, this is one of a kind

■     Provides exciting, motivating, energetic, fun workout classes

■     It’s such a welcoming, friendly, encouraging environment.

■     From the moment I walked into the studio, I felt at home. I love the classes and instructors. I have struggled with maintaining a consistent workout schedule for years, and since I started going to Elevé, I have gone to 21 classes in 29 days. I thought I didn’t have time to exercise, but Elevé motivates me to make the time.